Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Glasses Help You See More Than You Think

What is art? When someone says “art museum” what is the first thing you think of? A wall of oil paintings? A room filled with high standing marble statues and stained glass? If you asked this question to one hundred people, odds are you’d get a lot of the same answers. One thing’s for sure, at least. I doubt anyone would respond with “one pair of glasses just sitting there on a hardwood floor.”

That is because this is a piece of postmodern art: defined as a body of art movements that sought to contradict some aspects of modernism or some aspects that emerged or developed in its aftermath, postmodern art has a goal, and that goal is to get you to think. Many might reject a pair of glasses on the floor as a work of art, but it is precisely the objective of postmodern art to get the consumer to challenge what they think they know. Much of this can be accomplished through strange works of art.

One thing’s for sure, and that is that a work of art like this will leave you asking questions. Questions that were triggered using one piece of art, but that could eventually encompass more and more works of art until you find yourself questioning the very definition of art itself.

Postmodernism is changing the way we view the world one pair of glasses, blank canvas, or piece of balled up paper at a time.


  1. I definitely agree with you that the glasses are postmodern and meant to make you think about your definition of art, but could they be representing other things too? I don't know much about the context of the piece, but maybe they could be making a commentary on the whole world and how people view each other...

  2. I think this is a really great example of postmodern art. It definitely makes people think of art in a different way. Good analysis!