Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Postmodernism and how it affects us today

 The idea of postmodernism is that we cannot trust any ideology because it created through the human mind and therefore is a human creation. Living in a postmodern era has defined who we all are. It affects each and every one us in ways we don't even realize. The world today has outlets like the internet and an expansive media to tell us what is their truth is. In this era of information it is difficult to understand what is real and what is constructed by our society.

Postmodernism is at play when we scroll through articles on the internet telling us what is the best thing to wear, or where we should be in our lives. Even though there are millions of people telling us what to do we can form our own opinions on things. There are many people telling us that this is what is supposed to do but postmodernism allows us to choose freely among these, without violating any principle. Before postmodernism, people were expected to do certain things, act certain ways and be certain people because that is what our society expects us to do. In postmodernism, however, there us distrust in any ideology or grand ideas, so people are expected to choose according to their own desires not that of others.

We live in a society that our own decisions are already made for us. Society tells us how to live and postmodernism shows us that we can take control of our lives again. We need to analyze our culture to project the best parts.


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