Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Politics Aren't as Easy as They Seem

Modern day technology has overrun the morning newspaper and the evening newscast by supplying all of the necessary news on the at hand media source, being smart phones or computers. What this form of media does is lets people devour the information that corresponds with their beliefs, and shun the information that counters them. The problem with this is that once a person is set in their ways, it is very difficult to change their point of view. The only two things that can be done to win their opinion would be to either to appeal to them based on their ideas, or to show them why the other option is not as good as yours. This is exactly what is happening in the 2016 election between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Every day on social media we express our opinions, whether it be through liking someones picture on Instagram or reading a featured article online. In fact, I believe that our negative opinions only make our positive opinions even stronger. For example, if you are a supporter of Hillary in this current election, everything Donald Trump says will only seem like it is showing how Hillary's ideas are stronger, and vice versa.

Another struggle with modern day technology is that you can look up anything and everything that you want. No matter what you look up, there is almost always an answer online. One instance of what you might look up is whether or not something is true that you heard from one of your friends or that you saw on live TV.

How this plays into modern politics is that a candidate has to be 100% honest almost all of the time, because one massive slip up could ruin their whole campaign. In addition to that, the candidate might not even have to say anything for them to be considered unreliable and not to be trusted. In the current election of 2016 there have been quite a few examples of how the media has hurt a candidates campaign. The media is not the only thing that candidates have to be worried about when running for president, they must battle against the attacks of the opposing candidate as well. TV advertisements and radio commercials go all out when it comes to the election year. It seems that the majority of campaign ads are bashing the opponent rather than supporting their own campaign.

Despite the media trying to bash a certain candidate, on November 8, 2016, the United States will have a new president to lead the country. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both have their baggage, but one must prevail over the other. Who will it be? It's up to you America.


  1. I totally agree that the media makes us hear what we want to hear and that its hard for us to change our views because of it. I also agree with your point about how the media has ruined some candidates campagins. I think we looked passed the importance of that. Nice job

  2. I incompletely agree the government and media are so out of touch with the people of our country that it's insane. They don't truly capture all kinds of people, and their different beliefs.