Monday, November 21, 2016

Facts in a Postmodern Age

The way people receive their facts has radically changed to become more and more postmodern. With so many different opinions on the web, the way companies release ads, and the way we receive these facts are much different from what they used to be. This means that there is no longer any clear idea shared by many about what is right or wrong.

Essentially, for an idea to be modern, there has to be a clear option of something shared among everyone. For an idea to be postmodern, there will be many different interpretations between different people. For example, you could say that this very post is postmodern, as there are most likely different posts online that counteract this very statement. Is this true? It this idea i'm putting forth really the truth?

Before the internet or TV, facts and news were shared through talk. Thus, this singular idea was shared through an entire community. The entire community shared the belief about whether something was true or false. But now that your idea can be seen by the entire world, what is really true or false anymore? Many facts as well are made us for a persons benefit. Companies may post true or false information just to help them in some way or form. I can almost guarantee that some of the new articles seen online were false this election, trying to promote the author's side of things.

For all you know, this entire article could be made up just to increase my grade...

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