Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Is This Really Happening Right Now..?

The 2016 presidential election has definitely been one of the most dramatic elections of our time.Throughout the debates,speeches, advertisements, and much more it has been an endless competition of which candidate can make the other one look worse.It definitely shows what American politics have sadly turned into. There has always been tension between the Democratic and Republican parties, but this election takes that to a new level. The main problem that I have with these two candidates especially, is the fact that they have  both brought up the same two points about each other throughout the past few months. Which is  the Hillary email scandal and Trump being sexist and demeaning to women. I do agree that those are both very important issues when it comes to deciding who's going to be our president. But when that's all they have to say about each other and stray away from real important topics that's where I see the problem with today's politics.

Today I served as an election judge and now I am watching the votes being counted on TV and I am very worried for our country. When seeing some of the voters today and hearing people talk about their opinions on whichever Candidate they are going to vote for worries me. I feel as if some voters are not educated enough on the important issues and their candidates views on those issues. I also feel as if some people aren't taking politics seriously right now, and this is the time that we really need to be.


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  2. Well illustrated point regarding Clinton and Trump's tendencies to pursue leverage in subjects and instances referenced unreasonably often.