Monday, November 21, 2016

Memes in a Postmodern World

There is no single way to define postmodernism, but it is safe to say that almost everything I read, see, consume, or create is done in  a postmodernist fashion. Ideas about culture and the ways it is conveyed in media are the basis for today's American society. Whether addressing race, politics, religion, or just about any topic that has somewhat relevance there is always some sort of comedic joke or ironic twist on the internet. What is especially interesting is the way internet “memes” have taken over social media and created widespread phenomenon. Internet memes are truly an example of how our postmodern world addresses serious and some not so serious topics.

Memes can be many different things; gifs, text posts, images, and are all frantically widespread throughout all platforms on social media. Memes have a way of taking very serious, edgy, and provocative topics and making light jokes out of them, relatable to all. For example the news and reality of the new President elect has hit America hard, and created controversy and tension all throughout society. In response, a popular strand of Joe Biden memes have take over the internet. These Biden memes all have a common running joke about how Biden is going to sabotage Trump before leaving office. The joke of this meme is that Biden is sabotaging in a childlike and cute manner. Whether Biden is planning on hitting Trump with a football, loosening the screws in the presidential chair, or how he is going to change the wifi password to “I love Mexicans”, the memes reflect the way Americans are dealing with the turmoil and confusion of the new changes that are going to take over political life.
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Comedy and jokes in society have become more cruel, scrutinizing, and harshly honest. Arguably, this boldness in joking is just another reflection on how our postmodern society is completely different than ever before. Jokes and comedy are another way people mask themselves in a society that looks down upon outward emotion and expressing feelings. Adolescents, especially males, are conditioned in society to not express emotion and simply to deal with problems themselves. Joking is a mechanism for dealing with society’s new ideals. It is easy to laugh at a meme about race, politics, religion, etc.. rather than to actually think and deal with the actual topics personally

These dramatic changes in comedy and satire are a reflection on how our postmodern society operate and thrives. Provocative and outrageous internet posts not only help people in a postmodern society cope with change and immense problems, but they also offer an escape from the harshness and realness of real life. Memes also reflect the way people have become desensitized to topics and learned to laugh at topics that perhaps should not be joked around about. Next time that you see a funny internet post or meme, take minute to examine why you think it is so funny. Is it the silliness of it? Or is it the intense and real honesty that it conveys?

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  1. I like how you related comedy of memes to how we cope with our problems.