Monday, November 21, 2016

Living in postmodern America impacts how we've have grown up. It impacts how we see ourself and others, it impacts things so complex as the uncontrollable thoughts that cross our mind. We don't realize it, but everything around us, the people, the internet, the media, it effects everything we call our own. 

Do we truly like a certain article of clothing? Or is it just that a person we think is pretty wore it and now we unconsciously like it. But what makes that girl pretty in the first place? Ever sense we were born we've been fed descriptions and images of what a girl or guy is suppose to look like. So is what we think is truly our own opinion, truly ours? Because if ever sense we were born we've never been given a real chance to just look at something, with no background knowledge at all, and just say how we feel about it, or what it makes us think of. 

All of our thoughts, judgments, and opinions our based off of someone else's, whether it's disagreeing with someone or agreeing, it's never truly our own. I don't think that we ever will truly get to have a completely genuine experience, of our very own unbiased opinion on anything because the world we live in will always have something to say about it before we do. 

So once you except the fact that your opinions aren't truly your own, you must try to swallow the fact that truth itself is a relative term. If all of our thoughts aren't our own, then who truly decides what is true and what isn't. 

All in all, the postmodern society we live in, forces us to be okay with ultimate uncertainty, as there is no way to ever truly know what are solely our own ideas. Every single little thing we see or hear impacts how we see the world whether we realize it or not. 


  1. I like how you related our view of clothing to traditional gender roles in western culture.

  2. This is a good post because of how relateable it is, especially now that we are growing up with endless exposure to media and other opinion-forming forms of things. Don't forget a title!

  3. This is very interesting to think about. How we truly do not have our own opinions and how we will never be able to judge something without knowing how others judged it before us. Cool post.

  4. I thought the point you made about how our opinions are never actually our own was really interesting. This was a very eyeopening and very relatable. Nice job!