Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Really a Breath of Fresh Air?

Although the popular belief was that our nation would swing left in this 2016 election, it seems as though there is a strong disenfranchised core group of citizens that seem to act the opposite.

Hillary Clinton's support team went into November 8 thinking they had already won, however a surprising turn took place, as Trump voters emerged in shockingly large numbers. This goes to show how out of touch Washington D.C. and the media are with the American people, how else could have their predictions been so off. Based on the election results thus far, American's have something to say about who is in their government and how it's run, and people are just now starting to take notice. 

People are fed up with Washington D.C. making promises that they don't fulfill, for instance affordable health care for everyone. Rates have only gone up, and several health care providers have already dropped out. As well as Hillary is seen as establishment politics, the same old same old, the nation's citizens are seeking change, and new leadership. They don't care if Trump wrecks our government because they want to see rebuilt differently. 

As well as, people are fed up by the amount of scandals the candidates were able to get away with. In previous campaigns, just one slip up would lose the election for them. However, both Hillary and Trump have had countless screw ups, yet remained in the running. This may be because he is not a career politician therefore his scandals were not as damaging, they were looked past for he was the bit of fresh air so many American's were looking for to be in charge. 

If anything, this 2016 election has shown that the government and media in America don't truly understand and capture how the people truly feel. Let's hope that they will take the citizen's true opinions in to mind for the future, as it is the only way to keep our country sane and free.  

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  1. I agree with what you said about hillarys team thinking that they had already won, a lot of people thought that, and I think it hurt Hillary, because trump supporters worked really hard to make trump win.

    I also agree that people didn't actually care about what donald trump would do as president, they just saw him as "a breath of fresh air."