Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Is The Internet Loosening Our Grip On the Truth?

This article was an interesting read, and I think it is a controversial topic for a lot of people. I agreed with most of what this article said. however I can understand the view points of the opposing side.

The article starts out saying that "the internet is distorting our collective grasp on the truth. Polls show that many of us have burrowed into our own echo chambers of information." I do agree that the internet can, and is giving distorted information to many people. For example, there is a lot of fake information, or just speculations, about who is winning this election. People tend to read one headline or article and jump to conclusions without really researching it. This is definitely a problem.

The article sums up my argument later in the article, with this quote, "the root of the problem with online news is something that initially sounds great: We have a lot more media to choose from...
In the last 20 years, the internet has overrun your morning paper and evening newscast with a smorgasbord of information sources, from well-funded online magazines to muckraking fact-checkers to the three guys in your country club whose Facebook group claims proof that Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are really the same person."

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