Monday, November 21, 2016

Postmodernism good or bad

       By living in a postmodern society we see postmodernism in everything, from social media, TV ads or shows, and fashion. With our generation being so big on social media it allows us to see many different art forms that can inspire us, like the selfie or artistic shots of the city from a skyscraper. Also people often show off their outfits on social media which are a form of fashion that can inspire a whole group of people 

      Postmodernism is all around us but we don't pay attention because it is all around us and we only pay attention to what catches out eye by our interest. Art is in TV commercials or movies covers, they are in advertisement and flyers but it is not looked at as art due to its platform. Just because it is not in a museum or gallery does not mean its not art, that only means it's not critiqued as bad or people don't over think the meaning of it. 
      This art form has allowed society to see many different forms of art and form an opinion. But that opinion may be overlooked because it may not be based on what's thought of as a real piece of art. Our society has allowed people to be different and express their art all over but it may have taken away the ability to be unique because of how often we see art on social media or just around us. 

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