Monday, November 21, 2016

Postmodernism in America

If you look around our world today, their are many different examples of Postmodernism.  If you look specifically at the news and how truth is established in our society and in earlier eras you can see this.  Most news shows, specifically ones that talk about politics, show people debating a point with opposite view points and a mediator in the middle of it.  There is often little attempt to decide what is ultimately correct or to call someone out when the things they are saying false information.   This seen in political interviews when someone is asking another politician a question.  Most politicians take whatever question they are asked and shift their response to benefit them even if what they are saying is wrong.  Before the Postmodern era there was a specific standard and fixed ideologies and theories. Their is no longer a gold standard of truth that people are looking for, their are just many different versions of the truth.  Instead of a strict interpretation of truth and ideologies, we now see looser interpretations.   Everybody interprets information differently and have different interpretations on what the truth really is.  In our Postmodern society people are able to interpret information and see things in different ways rather than being told what is right or wrong.

Postmodernism has allowed people to turn away from ideologies and theories that you need to follow.  It has allowed people to interpret information rather than being told how to interpret it.  You no longer have to follow strict guidelines, you can create your own ideologies and theories.  

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