Monday, November 28, 2016

Postmodernism in American Culture

Postmodernism is prominent in American culture in 2016.  Technology has given people easy access to different cultures from celebrities to everyday people. Nowadays, people are able to show their experiences and culture all over social media, which gives everyone a chance to see more than their own perspective. Social media lets people express their ideas of what makes something "art," and it allows people to admire others works of art. 

There is no longer one standard of what makes something better or worse because it is all based on opinion. Although there can be ads showing the "best" things to wear or do, people are always trying to achieve something even better or different. Specifically, celebrities and artists are known to break away from what is usually done, making their own idea of art. Before, there were standards and everyone followed the rules and what was to be expected of them. In our culture, it is important to be an individual and have unique opinions and actions. The control that people have over their lives is what shows how much of a postmodern world we live in.

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