Monday, November 21, 2016

Is It Art?

What is art? What qualifies as art? These questions are inspired by a new postmodernist perspective. Postmodern art is art that critiques art. Many people have difficulty accepting that some postmodern masterpieces are in fact art. Take for example, a blank white canvas or a, seemly irrelevant, crumpled paper ball. Many people today would reject either as any form of art, postmodern art challenges this.

Although postmodern art can be made for different reasons, it is mainly created to challenge simple understandings of the world. It is created to challenge the viewer's previous perspectives on various subjects. In some cases postmodern art forces the audience to question their perspectives on art itself. The artist sometimes intends to leave the viewer with questions that extend from one piece of artwork to the entire definition of art. A blank canvas or crumpled ball of paper will surely encourage the audience to question whether it can be considered art or not and this is exactly what the artist intended. These postmodern works propose that art does not have to be extraordinary, beautiful and expensive to be considered art but rather that with the correct perspective, everyday objects can be art. Postmodernism is changing the world's perspective on art.

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