Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump 2016: Dawn of a New Era

Many Americans did not want a Trump presidency, and even more did not expect one. The United States will undergo a lot of changes as a result of this abnormal election. Donald Trump has neither a background in politics or in the military. While some speculations may say that speaks for his qualifications what it certainly shows is his morals and values have not been seen by American voters before. Trump is truly the first of his kind, a fact that demands attention. Many people are looking at Trump the wrong way, if you like him or not there is still a lot to know in order to understand who he is and how he became the president elect, as well as a lot to be learned.

There has been a lot of backlash among Americans who did not vote for him. A common belief is that he is a bully and a danger to America and its people. This belief far to often misses the very reason it is even significant. Trump could only be these things if people supported him. A madman on a street corner shouting obscenities is no threat to anyone, but that changes when half the country stands behind him. If anyone has a problem with Trump they need to realize that the problem they have is actually with their fellow Americans. Trump was voted for, he won enough delegates to become elected. That is how our democracy works. The problem those people should be facing is that millions of Americans felt so abandoned or neglected or abused by their government that they turned to Trump. Trump, a man with no history in either politics or the military was chosen by the American people, his power is in the hands of the people who gave him that position.

Trump knew what he was doing. Trump's accomplishments  have to be recognized, he has made a lot of money. Corrupt or not, he knows how to play the game, take loopholes, and manipulate the world around him. The same goes for his campaign, Trump brought together a wide rang of people and unified them. Trump was able to manipulate the public in a way that attracted people to his cause. His ability to draw the support that he did cannot be ignored. Trump was never blindly parading the country hoping people would jump on the bandwagon.

One of the most important things to know about Trump is that there is still much to be learned about him. Trump has an uncanny ability to know what to say. Trump has always been able to fuel the fire and say things that pull in one audience at a time. Whenever Trump went made "outrageous and radical" comments he was actually targeting people who felt that way. Trump only proposed radical ideas when he knew that some of the people listening would feel the same way.  Trump has said many times that he can do or say whatever he wants and he will still gain supporters. Is that not reason to believe that what he has said was just to gain support? It is unwise to discuss this characteristic in a way that makes him out to be wild and erratic without also discussing the possibility of him just using the radical facade to gain popularity.

Americans against Trump should not be to worried yet, there is still the possibility that he was just saying whatever he needed to say to win. Trump would not be the first to run for president that said things he did not mean or make promises he will not deliver. Only time will tell.

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