Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why I like Jennifer Egan's Writing.

In "A Visit from the Goon Squad" Jennifer Egan gives us a fresh new way of story-telling. And I love it. I love that she manages to make every story different, and how she manages to get the important information across in different ways.

With many of the books I have read for school, I dread having to read a certain amount every night. But not with this book. I can read this for hours. It is so rare for me to want to continue past the chapters assigned for homework. But I want to every night for this book. I can't stop.

So why do I like it so much? I like to have to think about how every story is connected to the other. It makes me sit there and try to do it before Egan reveals it to me. It's such a huge web of people that come together so smoothly and its amazing. I have read other stories like this, but this one is on top. Just the tiniest little fact about one character connects to a whole other character so perfectly. Bravo Egan. Congradulations on doing this so well.

The contents of the book also help. How can a book about sex and drugs and rock and roll not be intersting? I'm sure someone can write a story containing all of those things and make it boring, but Jennifer Egan doesn't. She makes it so good. It's not a book that I would expect to read in school, but I am for sure happy that we are.


  1. I completely agree! At first I didn't like her writing. There was too much ambiguity, but now that I'm at the end of the story, I'm seeing the interconnection of things and it all clicks. Her writing is brilliant and it must have taken a lot of planning. Her writing definitely added a new twist to reading. Nice post!

  2. I agree with this. The web that Egan created is one that is very intricate. It displays how people are connected, but also how everyone has a story to one persons' stories and events can coincide and influence someone degrees away from the actual person.