Monday, November 24, 2014

Self Driven Cars vs Dodge

The search engine Google has designed and produced many different products to stay ahead of their competitors while making copious amounts of money. Google has produced items from t-shirts to glasses that can tell you anything you need to know. They have even designed and created a prototype of a car. However, this is no ordinary car. The self-driving car does all the work for the driver. It accelerates, decelerates, turns, parks, and does anything and everything an ordinary driver would do. It is the first of its kind. Of course, every car company that produces manual cars had a strong opinion against this. The self-driving car was even attacked in a 2011 Dodge Charger advertisement.  This commercial uses the logical fallacy "Slippery Slope" to promote the image of manual cars and decrease the public opinion of self-driven cars. The "Slippery Slope" fallacy occurs when the speaker states a series of increasingly negative statements to lead to a final negative outcome. The ad begins with the narrator saying, "hands free driving." In today's society, hands free driving is an extremely dangerous and frowned on way to drive. The narrator then goes on to say, "Cars that park themselves. An unmanned car driven by a search engine." This wording makes the idea of self-driven cars seem like a terrible and unsafe concept. summarizes the basics of the self-driving car, Finally, he ends with the final, most negative claim, "It ends with robots harvesting our bodies." The argument the narrator makes is formed by a series of increasingly negative statements in attempt to force to reader to believe that self-driven cars are a bad idea.

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