Monday, November 24, 2014

Logical Falacies in Subway Commercials

Subway commercials have plenty of logical fallacies in them. One of the major ones is false cause. These have appeared in the commercials in plenty of different ways. One of the first ways would be any commercial where Jared Fogle comes on and tells the viewers that by eating subway he lost all his weight from eating subway. No one loses weight from just eating a bit healthier. A lot of other work goes into it, so by telling the viewers that by eating subway they will lose a ton of weight is a giant false cause. A second big logical fallacy in these commercials would be the bandwagon affect. Subway gets great athletes to star in there commercials and say that they eat at Subway all the time. By doing this they are trying to get fans of the player, team and sport into the restaurant through. There are plenty of other logical fallacies to be explored in the Subway commercials, but false cause and bandwagon are two of the biggest ones out there.

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  1. I think that you chose a good example to use, it allows two separate situations of logical fallacies and is applicable to many other chains of restaurants or weight loss programs. Explaining why weight loss cannot be triggered only from eating a little healthier helped strengthen your view and conveyed your point clearly.