Monday, November 24, 2014

Slippery Slope: American Dad

American Dad is a popular animated television series created by Seth Macfarlane. One episode shows Stan Smith, the main character, angry due to an above ground sprinkler in his neighbor's yard. He then goes to a neighborhood watch meeting to try to make above ground sprinklers banned. To help his argument he shows a violent video that, in the end, states that above ground sprinklers can kill children.
In this scene Stan uses the strategy slippery slope, when the writer presents an occurrence as inevitably leading to an extreme negative result. In the video that Stan showed to everyone it led to an extreme negative result when he showed the children get seriously injured while playing near the sprinkler.


  1. I agree that Stan uses this fallacy because I also saw this episode.

  2. Great example, the show is funny and this is a great example of slippery slope.

  3. Great use of a popular show to prove a slippery slope