Monday, November 24, 2014

The Hasty Generalization of Irresistibility

Three commercials, all dealing with the logical fallacy of the hasty generalization, claim to know what men and women cant resist.

In one for Taco Bell, two women go to a bar hoping to meet men. One of them hides a bacon taco in her purse, thinking that men will me attracted to the smell, and the other questions whether it will work. Sure enough, three guys come flocking to their table, informing her that she smells great. This commercial makes the generalization that all men are crazy about bacon, and the smell of it will attract them.

Another commercial for axe body spray shows a guy spraying himself with chocolate scented spray and then literally turning into a chocolate man. As he walks around town, women are mesmerized by him, staring as he goes by, pushing against windows to get to him, and even stealing his arm. This commercial makes the generalization that women can't resist chocolate, and if you wear this scent, they won't be able to resist you either.

The third commercial, also for axe body spray, tells the story of a heroic firefighter saving a damsel in distress from a burning building. He preforms amazing feats to get to her like climbing up crumbling stairs and lifting heavy pieces of the building. Once he has her thrown over his shoulder, he zip lines out to the street. When they're on solid ground, they gaze into each other's eyes as if they are falling in love. But then she spots an astronaut walking towards her and she immediately forgets about the man who just saved her and runs to the new guy. This commercial makes the generalization that when it comes to lovability, firemen are great but astronauts are better and women will not be able to resist them.

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