Friday, November 7, 2014

Goon Squad Video Analysis

As you all know, this past week we all had to take a chapter from A Visit From the Goon Squad and create a musical interpretation of it. The chapter my group choose was "X's and O's". Throughout the chapter we finally found out what happened to Scotty when he disappeared from the group, and get an interesting look into the way he thinks. Scotty believes that the human experience is purely made up of X's and O's and that him seeing a situation is almost the same as him being in that situation.

As a group, we noticed that Scotty seems to just be in his own little bubble as the world moves around him. Everyone of his friends is going on to do different things with their lives while he contemplates what he believes are minute differences between him and his former friend, Benny. We felt that this chapter had a feeling of being lost. While the world continues to move around Scotty, he has no control of anything outside of his small little bubble. No matter how many X's and O's you try to break it down into, the world keeps moving with or without you.

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