Monday, November 24, 2014

Hast Generalization Advertisements

There are many incidents of hasty generalization in the world, but the most easily seen are the ones that take place in media. The Old Spice and Axe men's body wash commercials are prime examples of hasty generalization. The main idea of both brands is that if someone uses their products their hair and body will not only smell fantastic, but the user will also attract girls with no issue whatsoever. 

The idea that a good smelling body will attract girls is absolutely ridiculous. The company's advertisements are generalising the fact that smelling good attract women. They don't mention anything about how people look or act.  The ads just say if you smell good, which you will by using their products, you will get any girl you want. 


  1. The commercials definitely are ridiculous and cringe worthy. The over simplification of appeal to the point where it is dictated by the smell of oneself, however satirical the commercial is meant to be, is hard to even watch.

  2. I agree that simply smelling better will not attract more girls and that it is a hasty generalization.