Monday, November 24, 2014

Slippery Slopes in Portlandia

The slippery slope logical fallacy is when one assumes that one event will automatically follow the other without and real backing or rationality behind the thought process. Many times we see this slippery slope logical fallacies in our everyday lives, at home as well as in the hallways. If we don’t do our homework then we might struggle with the concept, if we struggle with the concept then we will have trouble studying, then we will do poorly on the test, if we do poorly on the test then our grade in the class will drop, and then with that low grade we won’t get into the college that we want, and then we can’t get the job we want, and we won’t be successful. This is one way that shows how logical fallacies shape our society’s views and overall attitude.

In this example, the TV show Portlandia, starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, humorizes this logical fallacy which pretty much describes a situation spinning completely out of control with no real reason behind it. In the clip, we see Fred’s character showing concern that he has gained weight and is now fat. He divulges this concern with his wife and soon they are both at the consensus that he has gained weight, sending them both into a spiral. They blame this on the pasta that they consume. The slippery slope here is that if he now eats pasta, he will become majorly overweight, which is completely irrational. In extreme measures, they now only eat raw foods which causes Fred’s character to become delusional and treat pasta as a secretive addiction which he must satisfy. While the clip adds a side of humor to the fallacy, it accurately depicts the irrationality of the slippery slope.


  1. I think you're right. This is a very humorous way to depict the absolute worst thing that can happen if one were to want to go on a diet.

  2. Portlandia has many great examples of fallacies. I think they really write fallacies well. Their slippery slopes are some of the best modern examples.

  3. I love how this show points out characteristics of American society using logical fallacies, humor, and hyperbole. I agree that the slippery slope fallacies are often the best!