Friday, November 7, 2014

Music Video Reflection

In our music video we decided to connect the lyrics of “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens to the chapter “A to B” in A Visit From the Goon Squad. After listening and reading the lyrics quite a few times we realized that the theme of the song shared many similar messages as the theme of “A to B”. From our perspective the theme of “A to B” is that in our youth we try to develop and idea of self, but as we age and lose our innocence, we become altered by society pressure to settle down.

We thought that some of the most poignant lines included:

“For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not”

“there’s so much you have to go through”

“find a girl, settle down, if you want you can marry”

These lines seem to tell the story of “A to B” in that Bennie and Stephanie have grown up and created images for themselves particularly Bennie who devotes his life to music both when he is in his teenage years and as an adult. The characters all must suffer through the consequences of Bennie’s infidelity, and in turn try to fit themselves into the idea of what a 'normal' family should look like. They do this by moving to the affluent suburbs and jumping through hoops to join a country club. Even when Bennie and Stephanie try and fit into the life they think they should have, their attempt to change themselves by changing their surroundings ultimately fails.

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  1. I liked your project! We watched it in period 2. The song was very fitting.