Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Slippery Slope on AT&T Kid

         In an AT&T commercial there are a few little kids sitting at a table trying to answer the question "Why is it better to get what you want now rather than later?". A little girl decides to answer the question with a reference to raisins. The little girl begins by saying you should always eat your raisins so that they don't turn into grapes. If you have raisins and you wait they will turn into grapes therefore you should not wait to eat them.
         Along with the little girl being ridiculously cute girl in the video, AT&T is trying to say that you shouldn't have to wait for a service or that the internet service that is slow. They say that if you have a service, and it is slow you shouldn't have that company and therefore you should buy AT&T's product.

Have a nice holiday!

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