Thursday, November 13, 2014

Super-Ominiscent Flashback Story

"Here," Maggie said as she extended her hand, holding her workout bag, to Genna."Hang it up for me." Genna looked at the bag, and shaking her head said "No." Genna knew better than to say yes. Once she said yes, she knew Maggie would always make her put the bag away. Furious and appalled at the fact the she, a senior in high school, was disobeyed by a freshman in high school, Maggie shouted after Genna. "You aren't being a part of the team! You are a freshman and it's your job to put the bags away!" Genna kept walking, but yelled back "I'm a sophomore."
    Maggie would never understand. After being the loser her freshman year, Maggie has a done everything she could to change her social status. She would be the popular one who bosses all the underclassmen around, gets drunk because it's cool, and make fun of others because it's funny. Even though that was how Maggie was treated freshman year, she believed that it was tradition she must carry out. Tradition that would follow her to her and will repeat itself freshman year of college, when she has nobody around to defend her. She will then realize that what she had seen as tradition was just bullying.
    Genna couldn't believe that her teammate, who she has known since the sixth grade and was her sister's best friend, didn't even know that she was a sophomore. 'How could she not know that this is my second year here?' she thought. 'At least she'll now realizes that she can't bully me anymore, now that I basically told her I'm not who she thinks I am.' But Genna is wrong. Maggie will bully her for the rest of the swim season, and even after Genna transfers to a new school. Rumors will make Genna seem as if she was the bully, when in reality she was the victim. But, Genna will leave all that behind her at her new school, where she finds friends and a real team.

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  1. This is a really moving story. It's a common theme we see in the media and in our own lives. Make sure to check for spelling/grammatical errors though!