Sunday, November 2, 2014

Meta Story

“You’re telling it all wrong!” John said,

“Okay! Then how would you say it?”

He went on by retelling the entire story from the beginning. The police officer said to stop bickering and just tell us the story.

“It all started when Tim did not come home that night.”

“That’s not where it starts,” I said. “It starts when we left for the woods in the morning. We walked into the woods, and we all split off on our own paths and did our own things. Tim went off to the left, and me and you kept straight.”

“You're right,” John said. John got up and walked out of the room for a second to get a glass of water. The police officer said to go on with the story, and I complied.

“We went off on our own adventure, and Tim went on to his own,” I continued. “He said that we would meet up later in the day after a few hours of hiking.” John walked back into the room, glass in hand. “

There is more to it than that,” John said. “He was acting weird all day. Very suspicious.” Tim was known to be a little different but was never a danger to himself. Now he is missing, and we are being interrogated, because we were the last to see him. We were both stumped about the disappearance of our friend. John and I each said all we knew. We each told our stories. We never found our friend Tim.

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  1. Hey good style of writing and telling. Deep story too thanks for posting.