Monday, November 24, 2014

Hasty generalizations in commercials

I was recently watching a football game with my brother over the weekend and ran across this particular commercial that stood out to me. It was a Taco Bell commercial that depicted two women hoping to meet some cute guys at the bar.

All seems normal until one of the women notices it smells a lot like bacon in the bar. As soon as the woman finished talking, the other woman pulled out a taco filled with bacon and explained to her friend that, "all men love bacon". It wasn't to my surprise that within 5 seconds after she secretly puts back the taco in her purse, three men seem to have sprinted over to her side and start flirting with her commenting, "what is that you're wearing (perfume)... it smells so.... intoxicating".

Hasty generalizations about how all men love bacon is a perfect example. Not all men like bacon! My brother doesn't like bacon, in fact, he hates the greasy smell of it and refuses to eat it. Taco Bell's generalization that not only that all guys are obsessed with bacon but for women that want to meet attractive guys should smell like bacon.

This commercial is ridiculous and completely false

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  1. You are right that this commercial is false. However, in this case I think that the fallacy was used on purpose for comical effect.