Thursday, November 6, 2014

You (Plural) Analysis

In the story "You (Plural" from A Visit From the Goon Squad, the reader is placed in a different time since they had last encountered all the featured characters together - Lou, Rhea, and Jocelyn. The story depicts how different their lives had changed, Lou had gone though heartbreak along with the loss of his son, Rhea had a family, and Jocelyn - well Jocelyn seems to have difficulty grasping the idea of how to get her life together. In the event of Lou's declining health, the characters are forced to comeback together for one last time. Being together forced unresolved memories and feelings to resurface but the characters somehow were reverted back to how things were before "Rhea holds his hand, and I take the other one... We're there, the three of us, like before. We're back at the beginning" (91). They grew so far apart but were forced to be together for "One more. Like this". However, Jocelyn still finds herself stuck in the past of her memories and the haunting comparisons to Rhea. In reality, the three characters were all searching for something they never found; "There was no mark. The mark was everywhere. The mark was youth". Youth flew by the three of them without they even noticed. Now since they are far past their youth, they try to grasp what they can whether it's trying to relive your youth in the actions you take/the way you behave or just the simple gesture of a stance or position you used to have.

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