Monday, November 24, 2014

Logical Fallacies in Relation to Mike Brown Trial

I will state the fallacy before I give all my feelings and opinions on the Mike Brown case. Obama gave a speech in regard to the rioting in Ferguson. He said “This country was built on the rule of law…” And someone made a statement staying that, “This country was not built on law, it was built on the free labor of our ancestors (slaves).” So basically Obama later on goes and say we should accept the decision made and either way there would have be controversy after the verdict. I believe Obama campaign back in 2008 was based on change and hope. How are we supposed to have hope and change if these same situations keep happening? Some argue that this isn’t a race issue and I think who ever think’s that is absolutely stupid. I mean there are countless cases of African-American people, mainly male, who are getting killed, and who are unarmed and falsely accused.  My uncle was shot by a cop in his car because the cop assumed he was carrying weapons in his car. And the cop was found not guilty. I’m not even sure if what I’m saying is even a Fallacy, but still I feel this is a big issue right now. Just go on the internet and look up cops abusing their power. It’s really messed up and upsetting to see.

I honestly have a fear of cops. I can no longer feel safe when I am around a cop and I don’t know if trust them. Sure I appreciate what they do; they put their lives on the line for people for the people of their community. But will the corrupt ever change? It almost made me sick when I heard the verdict of the Mike Brown case. “Not Guilty…” Are you fucking serious?

The facts are that a young boy, African-American, 15, named Mike Brown was shot 6 times. Not only was he shot 6 times, but he was shot 6 times by a white cop (Darren Wilson). Not only did Mike Brown, scream “Don’t shoot, I don’t have a weapon!” He also had hands in the air giving the signal of surrender. But he was still shot 6 times. Also Mike Brown was a part of a peaceful protest at the time, but the police felt they needed to take action.

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  1. I think the fallacy your searching for is being guilty by association. Unfortunately everyone associates people together.