Sunday, November 23, 2014

Logical Fallacies in Philadelphia

The television show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is about five friends who own a bar together in Phili. This show is hilarious and full of logical fallacies. In the Episode “Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense” the fallacies of ad hominem, red herring, and non sequitur are prevalent. The episode starts with Frank accidentally hitting Dennis’s car at a red light. They decide the only way they are going to decide who pays the damages is by having a trial in the bar.

The fallacy of ad hominem was present in this episode when Mac was trying to plead franks argument and Dee questioned Mac’s character. She did not question what he was saying but if he should be credible because he doesn’t believe in evolution. This question of character led to a red herring. They end up having a trial about Mac’s character so they could see if he should be credible in the other trial. Dennis decides to prove his point once and forall by giving Frank a glass of wine and pushing him off the stool and telling him that he will pay the dry cleaning of the shirt that frank spilled the wine on. This portrays the logical fallacy of non sequitur. After a trial with several twists and turns Dee ends up having to pay for the damages because she gave the wrong directions.

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  1. Mac's argument about science is the best! Even though it's kind of ridiculous, the ridiculous points he made make sense. Because of him I always say science is a religion.