Thursday, November 6, 2014

Leaving Postmodernism is Postmodern?

When everyone is caught up in being postmodern, the very phrase loses it's meaning. Something is postmodern when it is different, unusual, it is something that does not fit in with "normal" society. As many people have pointed out, postmodern is becoming the new normal. So, how is someone postmodern now?

It is generally assumed that younger people prefer postmodern art to classical art. If a teenager preferred classical, would this mean that they are being postmodern? This is outside of the norm. With this I think that from our reading of A Visit From the Goon Squad I have learned that postmodernism is not a concrete movement. As society changes like it has in the final chapter, people must be postmodern in a way which might have been completely opposite from the previous generation of postmodern. Our society is always changing and we change with it.


  1. good observations!! its weird how things change so fast and such and the definitions of many things are ever changing and are relative to the time period!

  2. Very good analysis! This is a good example of why postmodernism is a confusing matter, in how the meaning is constantly changing.

  3. "If you say postmodern you're not postmodern"