Monday, November 24, 2014

Pat Quinn Logical Fallacies

The logical fallacy regarding Pat Quinn's attack on Bruce Rauner is known as ad hominem. Ad hominem is essentially attacking a person's character as opposed to what they have done, or their views.

Bruce Rauner invested money in a retirement home for old people. Apparently said home has been mistreating their patients and causing deaths. Quinn claims that because an he owns share's in the company, he is responsible for the deaths and therefore is not fit for the governorship of Illinois. Now this is a ad hominem because Rauner's investment has nothing to do with politics or his views on something. Quite frankly it was a desperate joust by the Quinn campaign to save a sinking ship. It does not make any sense to logically vote for a person based on their investment in a company that they perhaps may not even actively partake in.

It is a real shame that ad hominems are used in political campaigns because they really create a facade of who a person is. With the rise of super-pacs, smear campaigns have rendered actually political beliefs by candidates irrelevant. The public no longer craves what the candidate wants, it craves what types of mistakes the candidates have made in the past. To clean up our political system one must first figure out a way to clean up our campaign strategy, and reverse the ruling of Citizens United.


  1. Hey I think this is a good point but I think more people do it as well, not just Quinn. Lots of people in politics and in the media tend to attack makers and creators of arguments as opposed to the actual idea being debated. I agree with you thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a good point. Ad hominem is one of the most seen fallacies in politics. I think that you raise a good point, Pat Quinn attack on Bruse Rauner shows a very great Ad hominem.