Monday, November 24, 2014

Daniel Tosh and Hasty Generalizations

While checking Facebook one day, I came across a video where comedian Daniel Tosh claims ESPN stole an idea from his show. Daniel Tosh is an American Comedian who's claim to fame includes his Comedy Central T.V. show Tosh.0.  The show consists of Daniel Tosh as himself commenting on funny, insane and occasionally disgusting video clips from the dark depths of the internet. At the end of every show, Daniel plays what he calls the "Web Redemption". In this segment, the star of  a particular video clip gets a chance at redeeming themselves and finally alleviating themselves from the shame of their embarrassing moment. I'm quite familiar with his show and this claim seemed interesting so I decided to give it a watch.  In this video, Daniel articulately expresses his discontent with the  gargantuan sports program ESPN using a whole slew of logical fallacies, particularly at the end where he states that "ESPN promotes killing kids"; A fine example of hasty generalization. Whether a fan of his show or not, Daniel sure knows how to use logical fallacies.


  1. I agree completely, I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Tosh does a great job bringing logical fallacies and humor together. I think guys like Colbert and John Stewart also do this well, which is very enjoyable

  3. I agree I think Tosh is really good at using logical fallacies in his show. Nice article!