Monday, November 24, 2014

Logical Fallacies in Fast Food Advertising

There are many logical fallacies in contemporary American Culture. They're present in many different settings and ways. I think the fallacies that occur in fast food advertising and in their commercials/signs are significant.

For example, the famous McDonalds sign. Under the M, it states, "Over 99 Billion Served." Okay...Does that make it better? Socially better? Physically better? Economically better?

McDonalds is one of the many examples however, they tend to use the fallacy of Appealing to Popularity. Is it something you should automatically like? Should we support and believe in McDonalds because it's popular? I feel that's what's wrong with our society. These false ideas are made out to be good ones because of what people say about them. There's no reasoning behind why you should go except for the fact that 99 billion are served. Come in and try this because everyone does.

McDonalds is known to be an attractive place to the American people but that doesn't make it healthy or good. Don't be fooled by what the media portrays. Popularity is just one way how places and the media appeal to logical fallacies but I feel it's an obvious one in the world we live in.

Logical Fallacies are postmodern.


  1. All of fast food slogans filled with false fallacies can be pretty ridiculous. I like the connection to the postmodernism unit, although I would have liked to see more expansion.

  2. I understand this completely, the whole concept of things along the lines of peer pressure really bug me. The things a person does should be because they want to, not because 99 billion other people have. While I think your final statement is very powerful, I think it requires a little more analysis and connection than one sentence.