Monday, November 24, 2014

Logical Fallacies in State Farm Commercial

State Farm commercials are famous for having an instantaneous service reply. They boast customer service that not after hours on hold, but is rather available at the ring of a jingle. 

This is a logical fallacy that can be attributed to both ad hominem and ad populum, or perhaps a combination from the two. 
The ad hominem aspects of the advertisement are shown in bashing other insurance companies, showing how they do not matchup to State Farm's superior cashback program. The first woman gets the money she needs to buy the hot item, while the second has to "catch" a dollar to save on the item that she wants. This is also an example of ad populum, because it shows how one person sticks out because they do not have the special powers of State Farm insurance. 

Ultimately logical fallacies appear in a wide variety of commercials, but ad hominems are popular because companies are trying to bring down the reputation of their competitors. 

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