Thursday, November 6, 2014

Predictions of Postmodernism

Throughout Goon Squad, our postmodern society is repeatedly painted as a bleak and somewhat depressing world. This is a common sentiment in recent years, and many people critique how connected and dependent on technology humans have become. People have to act a certain way at all times to be accepted into the system and be successful. In the latest chapter of Goon Squad a character named Bix predicts that soon people will no longer be capable of not being connected. However, I think this is a pessimistic view of the world.

Obviously the use of new technology and especially social media is extremely prevalent in our modern society, but I don't think it will destroy us. Throughout history people have been inventing new technologies and skeptics have been certain that the new developments would ruin everything (e.g. Galileo). Super-powered electronics and borderline invasive social media is just the next step in a line of advancements that has been trying to make everything more convenient for people. Just as we have done since the beginning of time, we will gradually learn to control ourselves until the next big thing comes along and we lose our minds again. This is just part of our process as a species.

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  1. I totally agree with you in that we as humans will continue to develop and adapt to and imagine new things; it's what we do. I also agree, though, that one of these days one of our developments and/or a combination of our developments may very well be our downfall as a species.