Thursday, November 6, 2014

"Time is a goon"

In Jennifer Egan's "Visit From the Goon Squad", she addresses many aspects of the post-modern world we now live in.  One major part of our postmodern lives is the idea of time, which is difficult to fully comprehend so she introduces it in a simple phrase:"time is a goon".  Despite its minute size, there is a lot that can be taken from that statement. A goon is someone who is silly and eccentric; by saying that time is a goon she is perfectly representing what time does to all of us.  Time is a silly thing because we grow up and change in so many ways yet, when we truly compare our present beings to that of our past we find many similarities in character.  We even attempt to alter our true selves but, the thing about your true self, is that it really doesn't change all that much.  So, if our true selves don't adjust with time, then what does?

It is difficult to answer this question because everyone has there own personal experiences, views, and faiths so, you can only really answer it based on your beliefs.  I believe that time doesn't change our true nature but rather our reactions.  Time is what changes everything around us and tests our ability to respond to these changes; it puts us in new environments and situations and how we handle them is the aspect of ourselves that is altered throughout our lives. "Time is a goon" because it plays with us and pushes us and gives us hoops to jump through. It is "silly and eccentric" because it dances around us, not really caring about how we feel or what we want, instead, it does what it pleases and our character is tested by how we manage to jump through the hoops.

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