Thursday, November 6, 2014

X's And O's Project

In our presentation we chose the story X's and O's. This chapter followed Scotty (the best character) through his life in his later years. The chapter focused on the incident where he Scotty went to talk to his old friend and former band mate Bennie. Bennie had become a successful businessman and had made a fortune where as Scotty had a depressing existence.

The story X's and O's shows how over time people's perspectives on life change and differ strongly with others. The story showed how Scotty felt very disconnected to the world in which he inhabited and felt like an outsider. In my group we made a video to the Kanye West song Street Lights. In the video we found scenes from movies depicting situations where people feel detached from the world. I enjoyed the project. I thought It was a good way for us to use our creativity and work with other people.


  1. I thought that your video was very cool when I watched it. I thought that it did a nice job of exemplifying the point which Egan tried to make in that chapter, about feeling like an outsider throughout your life. Great job!

  2. I was a fan of your video as well. I thought it did a decent job at showing what i felt Egan was trying to convey, but i think you did well on showing your interpretation of the story.