Thursday, November 6, 2014

Project Reflection

This past week, Heidkamp's classes were assigned a project consisting of finding a theme in a chapter from A Visit From the Goon Squad and displaying that theme in a creative way. Lots of people made music videos and even original songs, but me and Henry Harper chose to try something very different. We came up with the idea to do a stop-motion video and convey our theme through some type of original story. Stop motion is extremely hard because when we captured ten individual pictures and put them together, it would only come out to be one second of footage. We filmed over two minutes of footage, which was very tedious, yet enjoyable at the same time. It took over four hours in total!

The theme of our story was nostalgia and how people tend to cherish the past a lot more in the present. We used several props to create a set and used molding clay to create the characters we would use. The story line had funny components, but really got the theme across well I thought. Our main character flash backed to memories of the past that he realized were very special. While we were thinking of songs that would go with this story,"We Are Going to Be Friends" popped right into our minds. The song conveyed our theme and went along with the video extremely well. Overall, this project was a very good way to bring out creativity in students and I liked how there was more freedom than the average assignment.


  1. I saw your video. I thought you did a very good job depicting the story and I really like the fact that you did a stop motion. I also enjoyed your song preference for the project. Good job.

  2. When I saw your video, I could tell that it took a lot of thought and a lot of hard work to create and I think it really connected to the story.

  3. I liked the stop motion, it made your video different which made it fun to watch. Also the song choice was very fitting for your theme.