Thursday, November 6, 2014

Music Video Reflection

In our music video we had to make, we used the chapter A to B as a basis for the theme of the video and what we were trying to show the audience. In A to B, Bennie and his wife Stephanie move to an affluent neighborhood of white republicans where they did not fit in. Bennie and Stephanie try desperately to integrate into the cookie cutter, country club way of life, but even though they have been equally successful in their careers as their neighbors, they are still not accepted because of how they look.

In our video we used animal onsies to portray the outer differences between Bennie and Steph and the conservative people of Crandale. Even though they were still just normal people on the inside, demonstrated by the costumes in the video, people only saw the outside and disapproved before even getting to know them well. In our video, both of us walked around downtown oak park and showed all the looks we got and demonstrated how Benny and Steph felt in Crandale. They kept trying to fit in, but after a while they realized that they didn’t fit into this neighborhood and never would. Their feelings of despair are portrayed in our video during the end scene, which signifies when Stephanie was in the garden at the end of the chapter.


  1. I remember seeing this music video in class. It's really great, because it very clearly shows a solid theme from the chapter, while still being an entertaining/new idea. You didn't just mimic scenes from the book (which isn't a bad technique, just this was such an interesting concept) and it worked in your favor. Plus, great song choice!

  2. Great job expressing the theme. The video was an interesting and original take on the ideas from the story.