Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Music Video Reflection

The Music Video Project was a lot of fun to me. At the beginning, I didn't know what to expect however, once you got your group and chapter, you were able to do your own thing.

We were creative and were inspired by Thriller by Michael Jackson. My group prepared lyrics relating to Chapter 8 of Goon Squad and the beat of Thriller. Performing it was better than I thought it would be. I got to sing for my group which was funny. I haven't had a project in any class where I got to sing so that was cool. We wore zip up jackets and sunglasses. Being apart of a project like this brought me closer to my classmates because I worked with people who I haven't worked with and I opened up to the class by singing "Killer."

Just like how the world is postmodern, the book and our song is as well. Based on Chapter 8, we had a certain perspective on what happened and by writing lyrics based off it as a literary analysis, our parody was postmodern. Our audience who witnessed it live had a certain point of view on the chapter and song based on us. Also, doing a song of your choice brought out change in how you experience and show which is the bigger picture of the book.


  1. You did do a good job on your presentation, you have a voice of an Angel.

  2. I was also in this group and I agree with everything Patrick said. It was a realatively fun project, though I did not like certain aspects, such as making kids sing against will, I did like some parts such as writing my own lyrics. I wrote a good amount of the lyrics for the group and thought it was fun thinking of creative lines for the preformance. Relating the lines to the book added challenge, making it all the more fun.

    I also liked preforming it. I was nervous when we went up but imediately tried to put as much effort into the preformance as I could, as did the other members of our groups, especially you Patrick with your burst of courage on the chorus that you sung so well. Overall the project went much better than expected for me.

    I also thought the project was good because it was off the beaten path of normal projects on inclass novels. Despite the parts I did not appreciate as much I did appreciate the project as a postmodern take on group work.