Thursday, November 6, 2014

Making a live music video

One morning Miss.Young started class standing in front of the room looking at a post it note.  Looking down at the tiny purple square she mutters "you guys are going to hate me for this."  We all look at each other in confusion.  What could she possibly assign us that would be this terrible? A 10 page rhetorical analysis or the mind bending task or writing our own novel?  No, we had to make a music video.  I was confused by the idea of a live music video but I rolled with it cause it meant i didn't have to write a paper.  We were put into assigned groups and I got to work with some people I had never talked to before.  We were assigned chapter 7 which was one of the longer chapters we were assigned to read.  Talking it out with my group really made me understand it a lot better and think about the characters in different ways.  I can say that I understand chapter 7 the most out of all the chapters of this book because of this experience.   Our group really came together and it was a lot of fun until we had to present it to the class.  Let's just say I am horribly awkward in front of crowds as is and then I was put in front of a class doing a skit to a parody of a Violent Femmes song made that awkwardness just skyrocket.  Overall it was a really cool experience and I really respect that the teachers tried to think of a new unique way of us doing a rhetorical analysis.    

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