Thursday, November 6, 2014

Film Project Reflection

Creating the film project as a replacement for a conventional literary analysis turned out to be a far more enjoyable and informative experience for me. It allowed me to take the often times stressful and painful process of writing and turn it into a enjoyable time. For me the film project allowed me to express my interpretation of the book in something other than words on paper. It gave me a means to present to my peers how I was affected by the novel. This was a relatively new opportunity for me. So often in standard English assignments it is a personal sharing of ideas between student and teacher resulting in only the opinions of the two minds who got to view the assignment. In this assignment, as well as the blog page, my ideas and interpretations are able to be shared with the entire class. I am a huge fan of these open sharing platforms.

It was an enjoyable experience for another reason though. I liked the the actual process of making the video, quite contrary to writing a literary essay. The filming was fun and did not seem like school work in the normal manner. It felt like something I would do in my free time. Overall the assignment was very fun and much preferable to a literary analysis. I'm glad we were given this option.

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  1. I agree with you, it is nice to get the freedom to be creative with your projects.