Saturday, November 1, 2014

Another Shame Story

I have never told anyone this story and it’s probably the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me. I am in the marching band and every year we take a trip to Wisconsin for band camp. To practice music, go over steps etc. We stay at Westley Woods in Williams Bay and right by our cabins is this huge lake. I was an incoming freshmen and I wanted the upperclassmen to think I was cool so I decided to jump in the lake. Not only did I just jump in, I jumped in fully clothed, with my shoes, socks, shorts, shirt and even my hat. Yes everybody laughed at me and not only did I make an idiot of myself I smelled like the lake for the rest of the trip. As I got out of the lake there was a sharp piece of medal, maybe a hook, sticking out of ladder going onto the deck. So stated to climb the ladder and my shorts and boxers are hooked on too it. I start to freak-out because I had no clue what was going on, then I slipped on the ladder and I fell into the lake...again. But this time instead of being fully dressed, my junk was out for everyone to see.

I could see my shorts hanging from the hook so I swam to get them. But if I got up everybody would see my butt. But I had to think fast because I had a rehearsal in about 10 minutes. I decided to just wait till everybody left the lake and I would get out and run into my cabin and get into a fresh pair of shorts. So I waited almost 20 minutes and they coast was clear. I swam as fast as I could, climbed up the ladder and sprinted from the deck all the way to my cabin. I stretched my shirt past my knees, but it was a white tee, so my body was still visible. I had finally made it back to the cabin and I as I ran into to door I tripped and fell and my stomach. I got the wind knocked out of me so I laid there holding my chest tightly. As I rolled over on my back, I looked up and there was my instructor and the rest of my cabin members looking down at me.

I’m looking back and I thought to myself, Why the hell didn’t I just put on my shorts that were still hooked onto the ladder? 


  1. Wow that actually sucks. I'm sure you don't like being told that it's funny, but in retrospect and years from now you probably will think that. When dealing with shame stories its all about perspective.

  2. From your story, it is obvious that this was a traumatic experience for you. It is too bad that you had to endure something so embarrassing and humiliating. Its great that you are brave enough to share such a personal event on a public blog. That act demonstrates that you have moved past the event and moved forward with your life. Some people dwell on the same shame memory for years and fail to accomplish anything significant because of it, but that doesn't seem to be the case with you.

  3. I know this probably sucked at the time, but this is a hilarious story. Try not to dwell on the embarrassing aspects of this story as a whole. I can totally see how it would be shameful, but if I were you I would embrace it at this point as the humorous anecdote that it is (which you seem to have already done). Great shame story, and props for sharing it.