Monday, February 8, 2016

Trump's Impact on Muslim's Everyday Life

Donald Trump is a well-known racist. Sadly, that is one of the main reasons he is doing so well in the 2016 election. He separates America into group with whites, especially more wealthy whites on the top. While most people would agree that at the bottom of his list, are Muslims. According to Trump's popular slogan, "Make America Great Again", that includes banning Muslims from coming to our country. The country that is supposed to be the land of the free, opportunity, and a new chance for all. 

Amara Majeed wrote an open letter to Donald Trump. It describes what he is doing to turn her home into her hell. She writes, "You are creating an atmosphere in which my entire identity is reduced to narrow-minded bias based on my skin color, my last name, and what I choose to wear on my head.  It therefore becomes justifiable to marginalize me, to scrutinize me, to use physical violence to hurt me". Donald Trump realizes that he is a popular man, both from love and hate. The power that he holds and the words that he speaks are heard by Americans all over. Those words can and do change and impact people's day, and it's mostly never for good. America is a country of religious freedom, but yet Muslims all over get terrorized for fulfilling their right to the 1st Amendment. 

Around 3.3 million people in America are Muslim. Donald Trump is publicly making these 3.3 million people's everyday life harder and harder. He is not even the president, or ever truly been in politics and is negatively impacting their lives already. He would preach that being Muslim is un-American and put shame to a belief that is everything but shameful. 

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  1. loved this post. I hate that Trump feels the need to put people down like Muslims. The fact that he also has so many people backing him up, actually liking his ideas is disgusting and sad to see. The fact that this girl has to grow up like that everyday of her life and go through those issues is sickening. Thank you for posting about this. "Make America Great Again" Erica.