Thursday, February 4, 2016

Donald et amici sui "Ad Hominem"

Donald Trump is quite the character, with quite the ego along with it. The only problem is, along with his ego being large, he has the mental capacity of a four year old, therefore his biggest comeback to any criticism is an "Ad Hominem" attack. Ad Hominem is Latin for "to the man," which is also the reason for my title being in Latin. He has managed to insult pretty much every other republican candidate, calling Jeb Bush "low energy," pretty much calling Rick Perry dumb, for apparently only putting on glasses to make himself seem smart, called Megyn Kelly a bimbo, and then plenty of other people losers.


  1. Well said. I do not like how Trump bashes his opponents in order to make himself look better. Do you think it is possible for a candidate to solely speak positive of themselves and never negative of his or her opponents? Politics have become a place for a lot of ad hominem it seems.

  2. I thought you explained your fallacy well and I liked that you included multiple examples. I do think, however, that your argument would have been more effective if you had explained how Trump's use of ad Hominem furthers his argument. Nice job!

  3. Nice analysis and I like how you gave quite a few examples of the various times Trump has used Ad Hominem. I agree with Lila that you could have explained how the use of Ad Hominem furthers his argument. There are a lot of great Ad Hominem examples for Trump which just goes to show how childish he acts.