Thursday, February 11, 2016

Imagery In Trump's Campaign Ads

Donald Trump's campaign team has released a number of ads throughout the 201 Campaign. This specific ad focuses on Trump's call to stop all Muslims from entering the country, his desire to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, and his overall plan to 'make America great again.' The ad is saturated with rhetorical devices, which are used to glorify Trump to the audience.

The ad begins with a gray-tinted picture of President Obama and Hilary Clinton, and dark unsettling music. A low and ominous voice claims that the politicians do not realize the threat that Muslims pose to America. The music continues, and the sounds of sirens and chaos are added as two profiles, one of an Islamic man and one of a woman, are flashed on the screen. Here the campaign ad gives the audience a visual and auditory experience of chaos and terrorism, followed by the profiles of Islamic people. The narrator states that 'radical Islamic terrorism' can only be stopped by Trump's plan to ban Muslim people from entering the country. Not only are the first ten seconds of the ad riddled with logical fallacies and blatant discrimination, they are also packed with genius rhetorical imagery that manages to shove the idea that all Muslims are terrorists into the audience's heads.

After glossing over huge issues like ISIS and immigration policies, both accompanied by daunting black and white images and unnerving music, the tone of the ad is shifted to colorful and hopeful. Trump is shown speaking for a crowd, promising to make America great. The image is in full color, and uplifting music blares in the background. This dramatic change of tone gives the audience the sense that all the terrible, dark, daunting problems can be solved by voting for a colorful, hopeful, and determined Trump.

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