Thursday, February 11, 2016

No Easy Answers On Immigration

America is a paradox of a country. English settlers came here seeking wealth and religious freedom, and bullied their way across a swath of land until their domain reached from coast to coast. However, despite this, American policy has often treated immigrants very poorly. Even back in the 1800s, Irish immigrants were consistently treated terribly by their fellow Americans. Some version his has been reflected across every ethnicity- as "whites" were starting to become the minority, people began to consider the Irish "white" for the first time. This happened with Germans and Jews, too, and who's to say it won't happen to Hispanic or Arab citizens? But each time, the majority has to find some new, frequently poor minority to pick on. Frequently, these groups are made mostly of immigrants.

It's more complicated than that, though. The greater concern is that of illegal immigration, and more specifically, what to do with the vast number of illegal or undocumented immigrants currently living in the US. Doing nothing is bad for everyone, but there's no efficient way to get rid of them, so we're stuck in the middle while everyone runs around trying to figure out how to deal with unexpected tenants. The secret is, no one really knows. Look at Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, two prominent political figures and sons of immigrants, quarrel back and forth.

Both of those men have "plans". Donald Trump has a "plan" to build a wall and deport a lot of people. But none of it is backed by any true evidence- it's all just theorizing and conjecture. America's situation is so unique, so unprecedented- a country literally built entirely by immigrants, who moved here and conquered "illegally", now spending a large amount of time trying (and to some extent failing) to figure out how to kick out the illegal immigrants. My theory is this- someday, living in the US as a Hispanic or Arab won't be twice as hard as being white, and that will be the day when the number of illegal immigrants finally drops. In the meantime, maybe we should just leave undocumented immigrants alone.

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