Friday, February 12, 2016

Election of Immigration

Immigration has been one of the driving problems in the presidential debates this year. The methods of dealing with immigration problems vary incredibly. Whether you are Donald Trump, with a very xenophobic policy, or Bernie Sanders, who has been shown to be very compassionate on the issue of immigration. With so many opposing views, it is important to know where each candidate is coming from.

Recent research suggest that about 15% of the United States population is comprised of immigrants. That is about a 10% increase since 1970. These are the kind of facts that have Donald Trump riled up. Trump doesn't want illegal immigrants to come to the US and be able to get jobs that other Americans could also be competing for, which is a valid fear, but his policies are too harsh. Trump wants to build a wall around the country and very strictly enforce border control, to decrease the number of immigrants from mexico. Trump also wants to restrict access from other countries too, mostly in Muslim countries. He sees recent terrorist activity as directly connected to the Muslim faith. This is a closed minded idea that seem xenophobic and offensive, but in an era with so much uneasy feelings, this is the kind of policy people seem to be flocking to.

On the other side of the immigration coin there stands Bernie Sanders. Sanders has very different policy ideas than Donald Trump. Sanders says that The United States are a country built by immigrants, and because of that they should be accepted. Sanders has constantly said that he is ready to give many people any and every opportunity to pursue a life in The United States. "Their story, my story, our story is a story of America: hard-working families coming to the United States to create a brighter future for their children," Sanders' motto for immigration. Sanders' policies will provide the county's already diverse culture to go further in the direction of full equality and acceptance.

These are just two of the views surrounding immigration, one of the most important topics of this election year.


  1. Thank you for flaming Trump and his views on immigration. I also like that you looked at both Bernie's and Trump's views and explained them in a clear and forward way. Nice post!

  2. Good post! I like how you fully developed both Trump and Bernie's opinions on immigration. It would have been interesting if you included the opinions of more candidates in order to capture the views on immigration around the entire campaign (but that would have made for a much longer post).

  3. Very well written!! I like how you explained Trump's views and showed a bias of your opinion on the subject. Do you think that views on immigration could determine the next president?