Thursday, February 11, 2016

Campaign 2016: One Big Action Movie

Often times, ads on TV, especially political ads, can be boring and bothersome. However, the ads that are actually interesting capture a viewer’s attention one way or another. Politicians constantly use T.V. ads to inform voters about their policies or even bash their opponents. In January, Ted Cruz released a very attention grabbing T.V. ad entitled “Invasion.” Cruz’s ad explains his stance on immigration. Compared to other political ads, Cruz’s really stands out in its presentation. Cruz uses a variety of film techniques similar to an action movie, such as slow motion and sound contrast, to emphasize his argument and captivate audiences.

The first 45 seconds of his 1-minute ad shows a variety of people running across what is supposed to be the Rio Grande River. In this very dramatic and action movie like scene, all of the people running across the river are wearing suits and other professional business clothing. The constant use of slow motion video clips adds to the excitement and suspense. The slow motion in the ad gives it an extra feeling that can only be described as an action movie. The use of slow motion gets the viewer revved up and excited. As the viewer watches this wonderful display of athleticism by the businessmen and women, dramatic, action movie style music plays in the background. The constant crescendos and decrescendos add to the action of the clips and highlights when the ad reaches its climax. The introduction takes a very slow approach and the music slowly increases speed as it brings the view to the apex of the ad. The music begins to die down around 45 seconds where it shows a clip of Ted Cruz from one of the GOP debates. He says, “If I am elected president, we will triple the border patrol, we will build a wall that works and we will secure the border.” As he says this, the extra-diegetic music dies down and fades away. The fading music causes the viewer to listen very attentively to his final argument at the end. The action movie style presentation and sound effects help strengthen Ted Cruz’s argument by captivating viewers and getting them to pay attention to what he is saying.

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